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Brewery restaurant Brauhaus zum Ritter

This wash-up area is staffed by a special team and the M-iClean H Hood-type machine

Outside view brewhouse Ritter

150,000 to 200,000 guests in a brewery restaurant per year and annually, 2000 hectolitres are brewed here. This tradition goes back all the way to 1831. "That's how long the Brauhaus Zum Ritter has already been a brewpub– we are proud of this history and that's why we want each and everyone who comes here to feel as if they are visiting friends," explain the owners Beatrice Schott-Armbruster and Thomas Armbruster.

But the owners feel an obligation to more than just the aesthetics of the brewpub. They also want to be good hosts and employers who have a heart for their team of 40 people! "You won't hear a harsh tone in our kitchen," postulate the owners. Instead, the diverse team of colleagues working as service and kitchen staff are a melting pot of different nationalities – and a space for social interaction in ways that also welcome the weaker members of society. For example: Flavius Gerth. The young man is taking part in the cooperation project of the Akademie Himmelreich and the Diakonisches Werk Breisgau-Hochschwarzwald – a state-approved integration company with hotel, restaurant and an academy for people with disabilities. The participants work in the gastronomical facilities and can enjoy the benefits of education, vocational qualification and project development, all as part of an inclusive approach.

In the kitchen of the Brauhaus Zum Ritter brewpub, Flavius Gerth loves working at the grill – but only to prepare his own lunch – and is equally enthusiastic about working in the wash-up area. It is equipped with a M-iClean H from MEIKO. The young man immediately intuitively understands how to operate it. "Flavius has limited cognitive abilities and we are pleased to be able to give him an opportunity.

We will continue to employ him after he has completed his education at the academy," says Thomas Armbruster, with the certain knowledge that they are on the right path with this measure. Sous-Chef Marc Klever laughs when he spots Flavius Gehrt at the new dishwashing machine with automatic hood system and enjoys seeing how much fun the young man gets out of diligently washing the dishes:

"All of us love the new machine, because it immensely speeds up the work, makes the work easier and the new technology also significantly improves the climate in the kitchen, and thus our physical well-being: It is not so hot!"

In addition to the reliability and the sustainable consumption values, the fast working speed that the M-iClean H makes possible is another feature that Marc Klever likes very much, "When we have as many customers as on the last Father's Day, we used to reach our limits in some regards. But this no longer applies in the wash-up area since we have the new machine from MEIKO!