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    Ensuring quality with MEIKO Academy

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    For a number of years now, MEIKO has had its own training center, the MEIKO Academy. The MEIKO Academy now has 48 certified trainers worldwide who provide various courses and training. Our own Jan Wiekeraadt is one of them. Together with Elony Hendriks, training coordinator at MEIKO Netherlands, Jan explains the MEIKO Academy.

    What exactly does the MEIKO Academy entail?
    The MEIKO Academy is the platform where MEIKO offers a wide range of training courses for our entire portfolio. So dishwashing technology, cleaning and disinfection technology, PPE cleaning and food waste processing. The training courses are given in various languages ​​at various locations or online. Elony: “The program is very broad. From web-based sales training about the benefits of our machines, webinars on topics such as HACCP to technical training for installing, servicing and maintaining machines.”

    The latter are given in Dutch at our own training location in Rotterdam or at the head office in Offenburg, where the larger machines are located. “But if a dealer in Maastricht, for example, would rather follow training in German in Leverkusen, that is possible. And if a customer wants training at their own location, that can of course be discussed," Jan adds.

    Why does MEIKO offer training and for whom?
    “We offer the training courses to keep the knowledge and skills of our own technicians and sales colleagues, but certainly also that of our dealers, service partners and customers' technical services, up to date. This contributes to correct installation, quick resolution of any malfunctions and adequate maintenance. And therefore the lifespan of our machines. In addition, we regularly bring new or updated machines to the market and it is important that you stay informed,” says Elony.

    What training do you need to work on MEIKO machines?
    The technical training courses are provided at three levels: Basic, Advanced and Expert. Jan explains: “You need authorization to work with MEIKO machines. You will receive this when you have successfully completed the Basic training. A technician is then sufficiently trained to be able to install a MEIKO machine. In order to be able to solve malfunctions and perform maintenance yourself, you must follow the Advanced training. During this training we also discuss the machine software in detail. I always recommend doing this training immediately after the Basic training.”

    The authorization expires after two years. By following a refresher training, the Expert training, you can extend it for another two years. “This is how we guarantee the quality level of the technicians.”

    Where can interested parties register?
    Elony: “The MEIKO Academy Platform is available to all our dealers, service partners and technical services customers with access to PartnerNet. You can request a PartnerNet ID at https://partnernet.meiko-global.com/

    In addition to an extensive training overview, the MEIKO Academy Platform also offers a personal dashboard that keeps track of which training courses you have followed and when, which ones are planned, what your level is, etc.

    What are the conditions for participating and what does it cost?
    “In addition to a PartnerNet ID, you need a Windows or Android device. The costs depend entirely on the training. Most webinars and some web-based training courses are free. There are often costs associated with the technical training, including for the exam and the authorization.”

    Would you like to know more or do you have questions? Contact Elony at hee@meiko.nl