The clean solution

MEIKO TopLine – washer-disinfectors

The assistant system for dirty utility rooms

For seamless, effortless, contactless operation

No need to select, confirm and start the right programme – now the MEIKO TopLine can do all that itself, if equipped with load detection*.
Hands full when you want to open the wash chamber door? No problem! It's all touchless if you choose our automatic door opening and closing system.
Short on time between patients? With the MEIKO TopLine, you can see from a distance whether the care utensils are ready to be unloaded.

The MEIKO TopLine is more than just a washer-disinfector. It is a clever helper to support you in your day-to-day work in all kinds of ways.

* The option 'Load detection' is available for selected holders and care utensils. To ensure the compatibility and a valid cleaning and disinfection process, please discuss the configuration adapted to your requirements beforehand with your MEIKO specialist.

Our innovative technology in detail

MEIKO washer-disinfectors minimise the danger of contamination that arises from care utensils and their contents. After all, they are emptied, cleaned, disinfected and dried automatically. Behind closed machine doors. In a closed, steamtight system. With an adjustable A0 value of 60 to 12,000 and short process times.

These features of MEIKO TopLine machines protect the user and boost hygiene safety:

Load detection (optional)

This feature suggests the correct cleaning programme for the care utensils loaded and starts it automatically after a few seconds.


  • Care staff save time and benefit from a reduced workload
  • Reduces human error
  • Reduces risk of contamination (esp. via hands)
  • Enables contact-free work when combined with our automatic door opening and closing option

Automatic door opening and closing with hand sensor (optional)

This option allows for 100% contact-free opening and closing of the wash chamber door on the washer-disinfector. So how does it work? Simply hold your hand in front of the sensor.


  • Contact-free door opening
  • Prevents potential contamination via hands
  • Enables contact-free operation when used in combination with our load detection option

Automatic door opening and closing with foot switch (optional)

A pedal close to the floor for foot operation opens the wash chamber door. The ideal option to complement automatic door opening and closing with a hand sensor.


  • Especially useful when your hands are full
  • Makes work easier for staff
  • Enables contact-free operation when used in combination with our load detection option

Adjustable A0 value of up to 12,000

These washer-disinfectors can be activated with A0 values of up to 12,000. Select the value according to your needs, such as potential outbreaks or use on isolation wards.


  • Great flexibility
  • Hygiene safety for patients
  • Equipped for the hygiene requirements of the future with an A0 value of up to 12,000

Blue operating concept with glass operating panel

The glass operating panel uses a progress bar, status display and our signal concept to provide an overview of machine operation at all times. Only the elements and functions lit up in blue at any moment can be used or selected.


  • Clear menu navigation
  • Minimises operator error
  • Easy-to-clean safety glass

Routine query (optional)

Are the care utensils clean? This question appears on the glass operating panel after each cleaning cycle. If the user answers ‘no’ on several occasions, the in-house technician will receive an automatic notification.


  • Automatically documents cleaning results
  • Assures cleaning performance
  • Quick troubleshooting

MEIKO signal concept

Blue = ready. Green = cleaning and disinfecting. Red = important message. The door handle and lighting elements on the operating panel show care staff what the machine's status is.


  • Optimised human-machine communication
  • Time savings – staff can view machine status from a distance, even on the night shift
  • Enables efficient workflows

Powerful cleaning system

The wash chamber is well lit and features a telescopic rotary jet, wash nozzles around 360° and a wash arm for efficient care utensil cleaning.


  • Targeted interior and exterior cleaning for various shapes of bedpan
  • Excellent wash mechanics for removing microbial load
  • Very easy to handle care utensils – even on the night shift

MEIKO Connect

The app is a convenient way to view, manage and export to PDF all machine and hygiene data from your MEIKO TopLine.


  • Daily protocol with assured, documented hygiene results
  • Quick troubleshooting
  • Stay informed at all times through connectivity via WLAN or LAN

Success stories
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Your one-stop provider

The MEIKO Clean Solution Circle brings in all relevant parameters for the cleaning process and their relationships and dependencies on one another.

In the centre is cleaning performance, symbolised by ‘Sinner's circle’ (time, temperature, mechanical elements, chemicals).

Yet only with the right consulting and use, the right services and workflows, and training from the MEIKO Academy does the complete, holistic picture come into view.

Then hygiene, environmental considerations and economy are assured.

MEIKO Academy

The MEIKO Academy trains MEIKO employees and offers courses. Operators and their staff can access online learning content. Make the most of our fantastic training opportunities to help with your day-to-day work. Make your day-to-day operations safer, more effective and especially cleaner.

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MEIKO Service

 Our service means: fast response times, short journeys, good availability of spare parts in the service vehicle. The advantages for you: a 365/24/7 service hotline and authorised service technicians (MEIKO Academy trained).

In order to facilitate servicing and maintenance works and to boost appliance durability, we have designed the MEIKO TopLine range using sturdy materials and providing optimum access.

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MEIKO chemical products

To achieve perfect cleaning results, the technology, detergent (optional) and rinse aid have to be suited to one another. That is exactly what happens with Doyen products by MEIKO. They are approved specifically for use in the cleaning processes of MEIKO TopLine appliances.

Plus, detergent dosing systems can even be retrofitted to MEIKO TopLine machines.

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Outstanding effectiveness

against clostridium difficile

As the report from the independent hygiene institute HYGCEN Germany GmbH confirms, care utensils in MEIKO cleaning and disinfection machines are highly effectively freed from bacteria and in particular spores of the type clostridium difficile.

To the advisory opinion