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    Introducing: David, our ambitious account manager from Ostend

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    David Jacobs has been working as Account Manager Dish at MEIKO Belgium since 2 November 2018. David loves snowboarding and good food and drinks with friends, but what else do we really know about him? Time for a closer acquaintance.

    Briefly tell us something about yourself
    I was born in Dendermonde, grew up in Steenhuffel and currently live in Ostend. I certainly do not have a nine to five mentality and would describe myself as an ambitious worker who goes the extra mile when necessary.

    What do you like to do in your spare time?
    In winter definitely snowboarding, if possible up to twice a year. In addition, I really enjoy going out to eat (and drink) with friends on weekends. I also walk a lot with Zoë, my adopted dog from the shelter. She's been with me since she was only a week old.

    There are many restaurants in Ostend. Where should we definitely go?
    For a tasty hamburger or shrimp croquette you have to go to Histoires d'O. If you want more refined food, go to Bistro Mathilda. In addition, there are at least three Italian pizzerias that really stand out. In the summer you can regularly find me in the beach bars on the beach.

    What can we wake you up for at night?
    Rather not :-) But if anyone of my close friends is in need, they can always wake me up.

    Why did you start working at MEIKO?
    I worked for years on the installer side, first selling dishwashers and later kitchens. But I really wanted to work for a manufacturer again. At one point I was contacted about MEIKO's offer and if you can work for a reputable German manufacturer, that's definitely something you can't pass up.

    What do you do at MEIKO and what do you like most about your work?
    I am responsible for the sale of dish, or warewashing technology. What I enjoy most is the interaction with the dealers and motivating them to go all out for MEIKO. That is quite a challenge, but it gives me a lot of satisfaction.

    What are you most proud of?
    As far as my work is concerned, I am most proud of the AMAB project, a social work place for which we have drawn, deployed, defended and won a complete concept for washing reusable cups.

    What is your favorite holiday destination?
    In winter that is Austria. In the summer it is a sunny destination, anywhere in the world.

    Finally, who does the dishes at your place?
    My Siemens dishwaser, which I got recently. Before that it was me, myself and I :-)