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    Meiko at Medica 2019

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    Hygiene management and infection prevention are becoming increasingly key factors in many areas. And Meiko has spent decades tackling these issues to find the best solutions for our customers. The key priorities in this area are health and safety in the workplace and general safety – for both patients and employees. Our processes have been optimised down to the smallest detail, our interface is a state-of-the-art communication tool for man and machine, and hygiene is always maximised: these are our focuses when we design technology.

    Come and see for yourself at our Medica exhibition stand (hall 12, stand B40) – and experience a model room design that is both practical and hygienic. TheTopLine 30 WC cleaning and disinfection machine can be mounted on the wall with a ready-to-connect installation unit hiding behind the tiled wall. This system saves vast amounts of space used for cleaning patient washware and it can be ideally positioned above the patient's toilet.

    This works perfectly for patient bedrooms and offers a whole range of advantages for intensive care and isolation wards, as well, as it eliminates the need to carry contaminated care utensils along the corridors and keeps each care utensil assigned to one particular patient. That means improved cleanliness and safety for patients, as well as improved workplace safety and reduced levels of work for staff. Walking routes are shortened and so are work processes: a simple press of a button or foot switch is all you need – and the care utensils in your TopLine machines will be cleaned and disinfected. And it is highly effective. Bacteria, viruses and even Clostridium difficile spores don't stand a chance – as certified by independent institute Hygcen Germany. Read more in our white paper entitledC. difficile: hygiene management of care utensils’ at: https://www.meiko.info/en/Campaigns/clostridium-difficile/

    Whether you need an individual machine or a fully equipped care utility room, Meiko is developing hygienic solutions for cleaning and disinfecting care utensils – and anything else on the ward, too. After all, some items like wash bowls and surgical clogs are not classed as medical devices but they should still be cleaned hygienically after use. And Meiko has a clean solution for this, too: the TopClean 60 multiwasher.

    Be on the safe side with Meiko.