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    MEIKO turns 95

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    German machine builder MEIKO celebrated its 95th anniversary in July. As one of the world's leading manufacturers of commercial dishwashers, washer-disinfectors and food waste treatment systems, MEIKO has set itself the ambitious goal of making the world a cleaner place. The company relies on innovative warewashing, cleaning and disinfection technologies – but its success ultimately comes down to its employees. It is their dedication, creativity and expertise that take MEIKO one step closer to meeting its goal every single day.

    A 95th anniversary might not call for major celebrations, says Dr.-Ing. Thomas Peukert, CEO of the MEIKO Group, but it's still a great opportunity to reflect on how far the company has come since its inception. MEIKO has always envisioned making the world a cleaner place. "But it's more than just a vision," says Dr. Peukert. "It's a promise we make to all our customers, business associates and partners, backed by the dedication and commitment of over 2,600 employees worldwide."

    Enjoying success since 1927
    MEIKO's success story has featured a whole series of technical achievements and business milestones, ranging from the very first MEIKO dishwashing machine – known as the "Standard" – to today's cutting-edge solutions. Its current innovations include large automated warewashing systems such as the new MEIKO M-iQ Bluefire, which can help tackle staff shortages. It also includes the ergonomic M-iClean H hood type dishwashing machine with automatic hood system, which is designed with the kitchen staff's health and safety in mind. Another recent innovation is the TopLine series of washer-disinfectors with assistance system. MEIKO recently took part in the Interschutz international trade fair, where it exhibited a compelling range of solutions for respiratory protective equipment workshops run by fire services and industrial concerns. Industry experts at the event were impressed by the new pre-cleaning and hood type machines for BA masks. The current energy crisis is also encouraging customers to take a closer look at MEIKO food waste treatment systems, which allow businesses to convert their waste into energy in biogas plants.

    A world in flux 
    Our changing lifestyles will pose many challenges in the future as we demand higher hygiene standards and seek to make the best use of available resources. MEIKO will provide the answer to these challenges in the form of new technological solutions that will continuously improve washing results, hygiene and environmental standards. Despite a fast-changing world, MEIKO has followed a steady and consistent course since 1927, says Thomas Peukert: "Life is about change – and we're part of that change," says Peukert. "We respond to change in an agile way and always try to stay one step ahead when it comes to finding the perfect solutions for our customers."

    To continue providing these solutions in the long term, MEIKO needs every employee to commit to its corporate goals – and it needs a leadership team that can make that happen. "MEIKO has been owned by the Oskar and Rosel Meier Foundation since 1979," says Peukert. "This gives it more leeway than public limited companies or owner-managed companies when it comes to addressing the challenges of being a global player. The foundation's philosophy obliges MEIKO to plough its profits back into the business by reinvesting them in technologies, machines, product innovations and the company's own employees. The result is the ongoing professional development of MEIKO's workforce, and active advances in all areas of MEIKO's business. 

    Strong even at times of crisis
    Thomas Peukert says MEIKO is firmly focused on the future: "From our employees to our external partners, we believe in treating people in a respectful and responsible way. MEIKO has a fantastic values-driven culture that has always stood strong, even at times of crisis, because we knew we could depend on each other. Ultimately, MEIKO's success comes down to our unwavering pursuit of our goals and the skills and staying power of our employees."

    A series of interviews focusing on MEIKO employees has been commissioned to mark the company's 95th anniversary. This project places the employees firmly in the foreground. The key question to MEIKO employees: "95 years of shaping the future:How did you do that?".Read all the interviews on https://www.meiko-global.com/en/our-company/95-years