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Bregenz and the dishwashing area at the festival with its M-iQ flight type dishwashing machine

Backstage with the catering team for the festival season at Europe's largest lakeside stage


Big events need stand-out locations. And stand-out locations need flexible warewashing technology. In Bregenz, the M-iQ flight type dishwashing machine comes on wheels.

Bregenz Festival is an event of superlatives:

220,000 spectators, Europe's largest lakeside stage featuring symphony musicians from Vienna and a who's who of politics, business and culture. The VIPs, of course, get together after the shows in the ‘tent.’ This is put together by caterer ‘evenTZ by foodaffairs’.

There are 80 events in Bregenz over the summer festival season. When the curtain closes and the plates are cleared, the stage is set for the M-iQ flight type dishwashing machine.

Its performance is lengthy but also efficient – running from 8 am to 1 am and cleaning around 12,000 items of dishware. Catering at this level requires only the finest porcellain, glassware and silver.

‘If a caterer does not want the operation to fry, they will need warewashing technology which intelligently manages electricity consumption.’



The brains behind this top-class catering: Zoltan Toth.


For Zoltan Toth, catering is a labour of love and that makes him a customer with high demands when it comes to his warewashing technology. That is just one thing he has in common with Jörg Eberhardt, Public Food Service Director at Eurest and, in this context, the other man responsible for the decision on purchasing dishwashing machines.

Zoltan Toth:
‘We cannot afford for anything not to work in the dishwashing area. And what we can afford even less, is for a dishwashing machine to cripple the entire operation because it is using too much electricity!’

‘Where the old (dishwashing) machine consumed 52 kWh, the M-iQ only uses 25.3 kWh,’ quotes Christian Carbonare, MEIKO Sales Rep in Austria, from the cost saving analysis that MEIKO provided to Zoltan Toth. He did not hesitate long before accepting the offer – under one condition: the 1,200 kg dishwashing machine had to be flexible, i.e. portable. So commercial kitchen planner Kevin Kresser first took the legs off, in order to put it on wheels:

‘We made a frame onto which we permanently screwed the machine. That was easier said than done because we had to work out where the centre of gravity is, how we should use brackets on the machine so that it can be moved by a forklift and how to get the most freely moving wheels that would stand up to the chemicals in the detergents,’ he tells us.

With the support of MEIKO's design department, Kevin Kresser had it nailed in just a few weeks. The team went to the festival hall to learn about wheel options, since everything has to be portable there. Kevin Kresser studied lightweight connection options for plugs and pipework in detail.

Before things got started at the festival hall, the M-iQ flight type dishwashing machine was washing dishes at the ice hockey world cup in Bratislava. Zoltan Toth has already used a MEIKO flight type dishwashing machine at the Formula 1 and the ice hockey world cups in Riga, Moscow, Quebec and Stockholm/Helsinki.