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The Clinic for Tropical Diseases at Paul Lechler Hospital appreciates MEIKO quality.

The new building of the Clinic for Tropical Diseases at the Paul Lechler Hospital is equipped with the most modern disinfection technology.

Tropical Clinic Paul Lechler

The Clinic for Tropical Diseases at the Paul Lechler Hospital was founded in 1906 as a convalescent home for patients suffering from tropical diseases. The responsible body for the clinic remains the German Institute for Medical Mission e.V. (Deutsche Institut für Ärztliche Mission). Over the rooftops of Tübingen, with a view of the foothills of the Swabian Jura, the hospital grew and expanded into a certified acute care facility for geriatric medicine and internal medicine. Palliative medicine is another type of treatment available. The clinic is also one of the largest in the field of tropical and travel medicine in Germany. Each year 8,000 outpatients are cared for in the clinic by experts in travel and tropical medicine. Special isolation rooms are used for treating inpatients suffering from tropical diseases.

The new building at the Clinic for Tropical Diseases at the Paul Lechler Hospital opened in 2017. The addition was intended to offer employees as well as patients more comfort, significantly more advanced technical equipment and more convenience. The technology of the renowned Paul Lechler Hospital was modernised right down to the care professional work spaces. As in the existing buildings, MEIKO technology was chosen for the new facility. Health Services Manager Sven Braun said, "We wanted to ensure that quality was an aspect seriously considered in the tenders for the new building. We decided to go with MEIKO because we were already absolutely satisfied with the performance of the equipment in the existing facilities."

The TopLine cleaning and disinfection machines are factory-set with an A0 value of 600. That value was also the one called for by experts at the German Consulting Centre for Hospital Epidemiology and Infection Control in Freiburg (Deutsches Beratungszentrum für Hygiene in Freiburg (BZH)), who work with the clinic. For Sven Braun, there was only one choice to make: "With just under 100 beds, we are too small to maintain our own hygiene team and to remain state of the art in this field. The BZH offers professional support and hands-on guidance for our staff. That is in line with our stipulation to minimise outsourcing."
MEIKO is also present in the patient kitchen of the clinic, where the machine is used for the hygienic washing of dishes. Occupational therapist Lena Korn cooks in the kitchen alongside patients. That is why only the only choice for a professional dishwashing machine is the M-iClean U, because the high operating temperature of the machine ensures hygienic safety.