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Are We Good Stewards of Hygiene?

We are all stewards of something and so are hotels! In a hotel particularly, “stewarding” is the backbone of the back-of-house operations. Let’s dig in and explore how this department can be optimised by your hotel.

What is “stewarding”?

The stewarding department plays an important role in the functioning of both food production and food and beverage service departments in a hotel. As a supporting department, this department carries a great impact on the smooth flow of hotel operations. The following are some of its primary tasks to perform:

  • Keep all food and beverage working areas clean and free from dirt and grease.
  • Maintain hygiene and quality of the kitchen and the equipment used there.
  • Responsible for cleaning of all chinaware, glassware, silverware and serving equipment.
  • Facilitate all plate-up and delivery of food for prospective functions.
  • Ensure proper garbage disposal to prevent cross-contamination.
  • Control inventory and stock food the right way, at the right temperature.
  • Responsible for the set-up and breakdown of all banquet buffets.
A section of the commercial kitchen where dishwashing and inventory are managed by stewarding staff.
A section of the commercial kitchen where dishwashing and inventory are managed by stewarding staff.

Stewarding Hygiene & Sanitation

In Asia, the functions of the stewarding department are slowly evolving. In view of the tasks above, the stewarding department in the times before was involved in the menial work of the back-of-house operations of a hotel. Especially in the process of manual dishwashing, the stewarding staffs were required to scrape, wash, rinse, sanitise, and perform hot air dry for ware washing.

That doesn’t include the transporting of tableware, delivery to the stewarding area, followed by scrapping and racking in preparation for washing. If only all of these procedures are properly handled, the total ware washing function would be more efficient.

Buffets in hotels are often followed by the menial work of cleaning of dish plates and cutleries by the stewarding department.

Today, the stewarding department complements the role of a chef and the F&B manager, especially in maintaining hygiene and sanitation standards in a hotel in the area of dishwashing. The good news, however, is the menial work of a stewarding department can be minimised with the use of dishwashing machines, and the complete knowledge of handling and maintaining them. Let’s find out how!

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPS) for Using a Dishwasher

1.  First things first, all stewarding staff should have knowledge about all operating equipment in the kitchen. This includes glassware, chinaware, flatware, and hollowware. They should also familiarise themselves with the right handling procedures of the kitchen equipment.

2.  Staffs should take all dirty tablewares and rearrange all the cutleries according to their types.This should be done prior to putting them in the dishwashing machine.

Stewarding staff transporting dirty tablewares
A stewarding staff transporting dirty tablewares.

3.  When operating a dishwasher, consider the dishwasher water replacement once every two hours, or similarly when the chemicals are overloaded, the water is dirty and foul, or when instructed by the supervisor.

4.  Ensure the dishwashing machine is running correctly by constantly checking on the temperature, chemical dispenser, and the water supply.

5.  Handle the equipment well. Remember to keep the dishwashing machine clean - work quickly but carefully!

After all, at the absence of an organised stewarding department, there would only be chaos inside the kitchen.

Keeping it clean and organised with a dishwasher

MEIKO Warewashing Technology

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